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Hear what some of our clients had to say.

“Crown Mark has managed my 8 unit building in Burbank, my 36 unit in Glendale, and has advised and consulted me in numerous real estate acquisition deals in Los Angeles. They have been my one stop shop for my real estate investments and I could have not done it without them”

Gary A.

“Mr. Markari has guided our LLC in acquiring numerous investment deals in California and Crown Mark Real Estate Group has managed our finances and assets exactly how we needed it and wanted it”

Pioneer LLC

“We were in need of a single family residence for our in-laws and Crown Mark assisted us in finding a great lender then finding us the perfect house. We had very little knowledge of the real estate market and how to purchase a property but Ara and Becky helped us get our dream home”

Emin A.

“Ara and his company has managed my real estate portfolio in the San Fernando Valley and have assisted me in purchasing and selling some of my properties. They are extremely caring, professional, proactive, and sharp. We have become very close and continue to do business. I have referred Crown Mark Real Estate to all my colleagues and fellow investors”

Dr. Kez

“Was looking for a very rare lease. We went to several brokerages and nobody had the patience or “know how” of getting a 20,000 square foot warehouse for our specific use. Ara and his team relentlessly stopped at nothing to pursue finding and closing this deal for my company and we are forever grateful for them. “

Blue Horizon LLC

“We just sold some of our property in China and came to the states wanting to purchase and invest into real estate. Crown Mark was referred to us by a good friend and we could not have been happier. We have successfully started a development project that is currently receiving purchase intent letters at a profit price without even being on the market as well as purchasing commercial buildings with a very favorable cap rate. They are now assisting our daughter with their home and her husband’s property management needs”

Ming S.

“The team over at Crown Mark has taken my real estate needs and wants and has customized an ideal and efficient structure for my investments. They are always there, courteous, and always resourceful. I only wish we had found them earlier”

JSG Properties LLC

“My buildings are always occupied with quality tenants, little to no turnover, always responsive, they have an unbeatable price and service, and a wealth of knowledge to protect and make my life stress free. I owe them and would refer them without hesitation.”

Leimar S.

“Was in the market for an office building but did not have a strong financing position. Ara and his team helped us purchase an office building in Rosemead, renovate it, lease it and now manage it while we receive no complaints from the tenants and a return we did not even think would be possible with our initial financing position. Very unremarkable and extremely pleasant”

Kevin J.

“Received one of their mailers for management but we were currently just looking to expand our business and needed a new office. We called and spoke and they helped me find an ideal location then strategically negotiate a rent that fit our budget along with many incentives. They made our expansion possible”

Leonard B.

“I decided to hire Crown Mark management because I was once their tenant in their building. The way they were punctual and genuinely caring truly showed a different side to management service. The best part is when I hired them I had no idea that they only charge one fee a month and that is just the gross rents, truly unbelievable. I will be acquiring a new apartment soon close to my La Canada property and I will be using them for all my purchasing and selling!”

Erik L

“Ara and Xing helped me get the ideal purchase done effectively and I could not have been happier with all the service. We met numerous times and they are always available and explained the entire transaction process with me and provided me the knowledge I lacked. I trusted them in the beginning and I now trust them more than ever as we are on our third purchase together. They went above and beyond for me and my family and I am so appreciative for their help and guidance.”

Lois S.

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